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  • 图片里的英文是什么意思啊
  • Page1N-COUNT (书、杂志、报纸等的)页,面,版 A page is one side of one of the pieces of paper in a book, magazine, or newspaper. Each page usually has a number printed at the top or bottom. 语法信息Wheres your book? Take it out and turn to page 4.你的书呢?拿出来,翻到第4页。2N-COUNT (书、杂志、报纸等的)纸页 The pages of a book, magazine, or newspaper are the pieces of paper it consists of.He turned the pages of his notebook…他翻着笔记本。3N-COUNT (历史的)一页(指重大事件或重要时期) You can refer to an important event or period of time as a page of history. 语法信息…a new page in the countrys political history.该国政治史上崭尝户佰鞠脂角拌携饱毛新的一页4VERB (在公共场合通过广播)呼叫 If someone who is in a public place is paged, they receive a message, often over a speaker, telling them that someone is trying to contact them. 语法信息He was paged repeatedly as the flight was boarding…航班登机时,广播里反复呼叫他。5N-COUNT (婚礼上新娘的)男伴童,小男傧相 A page is a small boy who accompanies the bride at a wedding. 语法信息in BRIT, use 英国英语用 pageboy6N-COUNT (美国国会或州立法会的)青年助理 A page is a young person who takes messages or does small jobs for members of the United States Congress or state legislatures. 语法信息7N-COUNT (旧时做骑士侍从的)实习骑士 In former times, a page was a young boy who was a knights servant and was learning to be a knight.
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